On this page, you'll find a number of personal projects that I have worked or collaborated on

This portfolio website
This portfolio website was developed using a combination of techniques. It started life as a template, before being heavily modified to fit my needs and integrated with ProcessWire to handle the CMS role.
Random Programming Projects
The repository contains a number of small programs and code challenges I have completed.
Advent Of Code 2019
The Advent of Code is a an Advent calendar of programming challenges. They can be completed in any programming language. For 2019 I choose to use Python to complete as many of the challenges as possible
AirBnB Listings Analyser
This script was written to analyse and compare the numbers of AirBnB listings in London. This data was then used to form part of a Technical Report on the growth of AirBnB in cities and the effect that it is having on housing in the area
Asterisk SIP Trunk Status Script
This script was written in Perl for the Nagios Monitoring platform and is designed to report the statuses of SIP trunks running on an Asterisk based VoIP system
GNS3 Topology Converter
GNS3 Converter was designed to convert old ini-style GNS3 topologies (<=0.8.7) to the newer version v1+ JSON format for use in GNS3 v1+. This project was later integrated into the GNS3 software to automatically convert the old style files. This was the first project I had written using Python 3 and implemented an automated test suite using Travis CI to ensure code errors were detected.
OpenXenManager is a full-featured graphical interface to manage Citrix XenServer / Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) hosts through the network. After finding the project abandoned on Sourceforge, I contacted the project owners, who agreed to let me take control of the project. I fixed a number of long standing bugs within OpenXenManager as well as migrating the project to GitHub, to enbale the community to assist with further development of the project.